Canalla is my personal project through which I want to share my passion for cooking. You will find a part of me in all my products and recipes: my background, my past, my present and my values. I’m using quality produce beautifully cooked to make you enjoy food with no barriers and full of attitude.

Please, take a seat, grab a drink and get ready because we are going to rock!

Boris Jódar


Shakshuka is a spiced tomato and red peppers sauce original from North Africa and very popular in Israel. We use great vegetables, top quality paprika and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a versatile sauce with a smokey flavour and a smooth nice kick at the end. 

Amazing with eggs, add some feta cheese, sausages or bacon and enjoy a superb brunch or meal at home in less than 20 minutes.


Learn new recipes, know how to improve and upgrade your shakshuka and don’t miss out any of our events.