A Taste of Sefarad 29/Nov/19

The evening of the 29th of November we will be hosting our third pop up: “A Taste of Sefarad”, at Hot Milk Cafe, where we will explore the Jewish legacy of Spain through food: how some actual Spanish dishes are connected to a Jewish past and, at the same time, related to the Sephardic communities around the Mediterranean. 

500 years ago, the Iberian Jews had to face a painful dilemma: renegade of their identity and religion and convert to Catholicism, or leave their homes and go to exile. Those who left to North Africa, the Ottoman Empire, Greece and the Balkans became what we know as Sephardic. 

Those who stayed and converted were under intense scrutiny from Catholic Church and society, in general. Loads of them were brought to Inquisition tribunals, where food was used as an evidence against them. However, thanks to this trial records we have some knowledge of what Iberian Jews and Crypto-Jews used to eat hundreds of years ago.

Food is one of the greatest characteristics of Sephardi Jews as a community. They left their homes and possessions but took with them recipes that have survived from generation to generation. In most cases, this recipes mixed and adapted to the ingredients and customs of each country where they settled, but in loads of them you can still find elements that reveal their Iberian origin. 

A Taste of Sefarad

Using some books and Internet as both compass and maps, we are going to discover the Jewish connection of some actual Spanish dishes: to their past and to other Jewish dishes around the world. With this aim, we have created two menus: one Meat/Non Dairy, and one Veggie/Dairy*. 

There will be a welcoming tapa or aperitivo to be enjoyed while the rest of the guests are still coming. After that, we will serve three main dishes and a selection of Sephardic sweets as a dessert. There will be a nice selection of drinks and we are working on wines to pair with your food. You can get your tickets for the evening clicking here. Please, contact us at hello@hotmilkcafe.co.uk if you have any question or allergy request

If you would like to know more about the food we will serve on that evening, I strongly suggest you to follow us on Instagram, where we will post pictures and some little history of the dishes. 

*DISCLAIMER: Due to technical and logistic reasons, this is the only Kosher law we can follow; apart from only using ingredients traditionally considered Kosher, of course. Keep in mind, it won’t be possible to respect a strict separation between dairy and meat products, utensils and kitchenware. 

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