Ensalada Mixta/Mixed Salad – 21 Salads in 21 Days

Ensalada MixtaEnsalada Mixta -Mixed Salad- is by far the most popular of Spanish salads. You can find it in the daily menu of the vast majority of bars and restaurants. When a Spaniard thinks of a regular salad, this is the one that comes to her mind. 

There’s nothing special about this salad. You can even say that is boring but it’s its simplicity and, at the same time, the variety of ingredients what makes it unbeatable. It’s very hard to make a salad so simple, so quick and so nutritious. And that’s why I choose it to start the challenge. If you can’t make this salad or you make a mess of it, you should consider your mere existence.

How to make your Ensalada Mixta

Ingredients (serves 2 as a main, 4 as a side):

Roman lettuce (baby gem lettuce will work as well)
2 medium tomatoes
½ cucumber
½ onion (red or white, colour doesn’t matter, you racist!)
2 medium eggs
1 can of tuna in sunflower oil (I would prefer tuna in olive oil, but it’s hard to get. Use it in brine or spring water  if you don’t have any other chance or have a problem with fats)
Some pitted green olives (the colour does matter in this case. Why? Because I say so! And because green olives give a tangy taste that complements this salad nicely)
Other ingredients: sweet corn and white asparagus (I’m not adding asparagus because I’m not a big fan of them but go for it if you are or want to pretend you’re high class)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (don’t you dare to cut the corners here, you pr*ck!)
Vinegars/Acidic element: apple, cider, Sherry, lime or lemon juice… All of them acceptable. Balsamic vinegar? No, please)
Salt & black pepper to taste


Put the eggs to boil. Count 6 minutes from the moment the water starts to boil.
Cut the lettuce and soak it in water. Drain the water and dry the lettuce as much as possible.
Chop the tomatoes, cucumber and onion in your favourite shapes. I personally prefer the tomatoes in cubes, the cucumber in quarters and the onion in thin slices.
Drain the tuna, peel the egg and cut it in quarters. You can even grate it if you want. Cut the olives in slices.
Assemble the salad in a big bowl or 2 plates. Dress with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the vinegar, and add salt and black pepper to taste. 

That’s all! This salad has no more mystery or secrets! Salud! 

Follow me on Instagram for a daily update. If you liked this salad and would like to get other recipes for your lunch or dinners, this is the complete list with all the salads from this challenge.

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