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Let’s admit it: Sherry is not an easy wine. Its strong and special flavour -so different from any other white wine- and its alcohol % -between 13-15- don’t make it a drink for everybody.  You must educate your palate and that, my friends, requieres some willing. However, as we say in Spain, “for every rip, there is a patch”. And here is when Rebujito was born.

Around middle 90’s, because of Seville Fair, someone -is hard to say who or how- had the great idea of mixing Sherry or its brother Fino with Sprite or 7 Up in a big pitch with loads of ice and some fresh mint leaves. Not much later, Rebujito was drunk in the main pilgrimages and fairs of Andalusia, becoming the regional party drink.

How to make Rebujito 2When mixed with a lemon-lime soft drink and ice, Sherry losses some of its strength keeping, at the same time, its character and gaining a fresh taste. Fresh mint and lemon slices make it even more refreshing. It’s easy to understand why Rebujito is a drink of choice when you’re partying in a hot Andalusian day.

Seville claims Rebujito’s maternity but they weren’t the first ones to make a refreshing drink from Sherry. In XIX century, Sherry Cobbler -a cocktail of Sherry, sugar and citrus fruits on shaved ice- was a real landmark in USA history.

Nowadays, Rebujito is an easy and funny way of enjoying Sherry that goes very good with tapas. So, do not be afraid and enjoy your special moments in the Andalusian way!

How to make Rebujito


  • 100 ml of Sherry or Fino wine
  • Sprite, 7 Up or lemonade…
  • Lime
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Ice cubes


  • Put ice cubes until 2/3 of the glass, add 100 ml of Sherry or Fino and finish filling up the glass with Sprite, 7 Up or lemonade.
  • Cut 1 stripe of lime zest, twist it over your Rebujito and rub the rim of the glass with it.
  • Spank some fresh mint leaves with your hands and garnish your Rebujito with them.
  • And now, enjoy it! But do it moderately, Rebujito is not a strong drink but Sherry can be still tricky!

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