Shakshuka Roll with Duck Ham & Cured Egg Yolk

We are giving Shakshuka another twist with this new recipe: Shakshuka Roll with Duck Ham & Cured Egg Yolk. If you loved our Shakshuka Toast with Poached Egg and Pork Chipolata, I’m pretty sure you’re going like this. This is homemade high cuisine, this is a little piece of San Sebastián in your table. So, let’s brunch to impress!

We are using only 4 ingredients for our Shakshuka Roll but we will need some time and patience to prepare it as the egg yolks require some days to be cured. Cured egg yolks became trendy on Internet on 2015 but I didn’t know about them until December last year. Nowadays, as a confessed Egg Yolk Lover they are one of my favourite preparations.

Duck Ham is a traditional cured meat from Navarra -North Spain-. It’s just duck breast cured in the same way of Serrano or Ibérico ham. When you finely slice it, it has a subtle taste of duck while the fat releases an amazing umami flavour. If you can’t find it, you can use Serrano or Ibérico ham.

Shakshuka Roll

How to make Shakshuka Roll with Duck Ham & Cured Egg Yolk


  • Jar of FENNEC Shakshuka Sauce
  • 2 bread rolls
  • 12-16 slices of duck ham. You can use Serrano or Ibérico ham.
  • 1 or 2 cured egg yolk
  • Rock Salt
  • Sugar


Let’s start by curing the egg yolks. Mix a glass of rock salt with a glass of sugar. If you want them less sweet you can change the proportion of salt & sugar to 75%-25% each, or use just salt. Once they are mixed, put half of it in a food container. Crack the eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. Make some spaces in the curing mixture and carefully place the yolks in them. With the same care, cover them with the remaining mix.

The longer you keep them in the curing mixture the harder they get, as they loose water. If you keep them just for few days, they will acquire a creamy texture, perfect to be spread on toast -something I didn’t try yet. Shame on me!-. For this recipe I am using egg yolks that were cured for 30 days. After that time, I removed the yolks from the curing mixture, gently rinse them in a bowl with water and pat dry them with a kitchen towel.

If you want to have them hard but not wait for so long you can cure them just for 4 days and. Then, rinse and dry them in the same way I explained before. Place them on a oven tray or baking sheet covered with baking paper and dry them in the oven, 70º Celsius preheated, for 1 1/2-2 hours, until their texture is firm like cheese.

By the way, in this post from Silphium Food you can learn, with pictures, another way of curing the egg yolk in a 30 days period.

Now that we’ve got our amazing cured yolks, let’s finish our Shakshuka Roll. Warm the content of a jar of FENNEC Shakshuka Sauce, when it’s hot, keep the fire low-medium to keep the sauce hot but not overcook it.

Cut the bread rolls in half and toast them, spread some of the Shakshuka Sauce over each half. Place some slices of duck ham on the Shakshuka. Grate the egg yolks over the toasts and serve immediately. The heat of the sauce will warm the fat of the duck ham, releasing all its flavours.

Remember you can get your FENNEC Shakshuka Jars from these delis and independent retailers.

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