Shakshuka Toast with Poached Egg and Pork Chipolata

This Shakshuka Toast is one of the different ways you can enjoy FENNEC. However, instead of cooking the eggs in the sauce -the great peculiarity of Shakshuka- we are poaching them in the traditional way and serving them on the top of a toast with a pork chipolata.

Believe or not, I’ve never made a poached egg myself before. This morning, when I woke up with the intention of preparing a new recipe for the blog I decided it was about time to learn how to do it. That egg you see in the pictures is my very first poached egg. I guess people do this the other way: first they learn how to poach eggs and then they discover how to cook them in Shakshuka. As you can deduce, I skipped some cooking lessons.

No more talk. Let’s go Spanish and enjoy our Shakshuka Toast as a tapa!

How to make Shakshuka Toast with Poached Egg and Pork Chipolata

Shakshuka Toast with Poached Egg and Pork ChipolataINGREDIENTS (Serves 3)


Start your Shakshuka Toast by placing your pork chipolatas in an oven tray and cooking them in the oven, so you can focus on the poached eggs.

When the chipolatas are halfway done, poach your eggs. If you don’t know how to do it, you can follow this instructions from Great British Chefs. Do not be afraid if you never have done this before, it’s very easy, trust me.

Warm the content of a FENNEC jar in a non-stick pan, medium fire. When the Shakhsuka sauce is hot, reduce the fire to low-medium to keep it warm and not overcook it. Toast the bread.

Once the chipolatas are cooked, finish your Shakshuka Toast. Just spread some of the warm FENNEC sauce in the slices of bread, then place the eggs and the chipolatas. Season the eggs with some salt and black pepper to taste and serve immediately.


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