Tapas, Botanas & Petiscos 27/March/20

tapas botanas petiscos

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Food is the places you’ve been and the places you love. I cannot conceive a dish that is not attached somehow to a place, its people and its culture. And that’s why I’ve decided to host another pop up strongly attached to three countries that I love: Spain, Mexico and Portugal.

I’ve also chosen them because they share the format of little dishes that can be enjoyed as starters of a bigger meal or just by themselves, in a friends or family gathering. Tapas, botanas, petiscos… three different names for the same concept.

Tapa, Botanas & Petiscos

And that’s what we are going to do in the evening of the 27th March at Stella’s Room -Muswell Hill-: 7 little great dishes that pretend to represent the best from Spain, Mexico and Portugal. With that idea in mind, we will be serving tapas like Barrio Chino Patatas Bravas, Bravas done in the Barcelona way but we a strong Oriental touch: Wasabi Aioli, Gojuchang tomato sauce and 5 Chinese Spices oil; and being honest with you, this is a tapa I’m strongly looking forward to cook!  There will be another Spanish classic: Croquetas, made with chicken roasted in a Moorish marinade and coated in fried corn and bread crumbs. Think about it!

Portugal is a country I’ve not visited enough but I really love. Portuguese food will be represented with a fiery petisco: Peri Peri King Prawns and Brazilian Samosas. Brazilian Samosas! Twisting the twist! And from Portugal we will jump to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean: Mexico, my dear Mexico. Huitlacoche Gringas and Pork Cheek Tacos are the botanas that will bring some Mexican authenticity to Muswell Hill. Huitlacoche sounds difficult to pronounce and it can be scary if you Google it. But do not let its appearance to scare you. In Mexico is considered a total delicacy, a food for Gods and you came here to play. So give it a try!

Join us!

Apart from this dishes, we are working on one or two specials and an interesting drinks menu, with craft beers and cocktails. Follow me on Instagram to get any update on this and see how the dishes will look like.

If you would like to join us that evening, you can book your table at Stella’s Room or send me an email to borisjodar@canalla.co.uk. We are looking forward to spending that night with you!

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