Vegan Tapas Night 8/Dec/18

We had the venue, we had the menu and now we’ve got the date! On December 8th CANALLA will host a Vegan Tapas Night at The Larder -26 The Green Winchmore Hill N21 1AY-. I’m going vegan before Christmas with a selection of dishes from Spain, Mexico and Poland. I would like to tell my story through them: my origin, my first big trip -Mexico- and my actual relationship with a Polish girl: Kasia.

Vegan Tapas Night at The LarderI have design a vegan menu to challenge myself with food and recipes I am not used to and, at the same time, delight vegan and vegetarian dinners with authentic dishes they can hardly find in London. However, it is not necessary to be vegan to enjoy the night; the food will be so good even meat eaters will love it!

A vibrant menu

Our Vegan Tapas Night will start with an unusual welcoming drink: Kalimotxo, a mix of red wine and Coca Cola with a dash of blueberry cordial and a slice of lemon. I guess some of you are thinking “WTF? Wine with Coke?”. I know it sounds weird for British but Kalimotxo -or Calimocho- is one of the most popular ways of enjoying wine in Spain. Maybe even more than Sangría. This is the drink youngsters initiate themselves in alcohol and sometimes there’s no proper summer party without a big batch of it.

Once you are comfortable seated on your table, the dinner will start with a plate of Doritos Locos or Dorilocos -Crazy Doritos-. Forget about all the Nachos you have previously eaten. Doritos Locos is pure Mexican street food and we will try to serve them in the most authentic way: chopped veggies, crunchy peanuts and spicy sauces over a pile of Doritos.

After this incredible starter, we will continue with our take on the traditional Spanish Espinacas con Garbanzos –Spinach with Chickpeas-, served as oven baked falafels over a warm Roasted Red Peppers & Tomato salad. Poland will be represented by one of their most representative dishes: Pierogi, which we will stuff with sweet potato and Portobello mushrooms and serve with fried onion and cashew sour cream made by us.

The night will reach its end by coming back to Mexico and Spain. Our Al Pastor Jackfruit Huaraches will amaze you with its blueish color and vibrant flavours; while our Vegan Mantecados will give you a taste of the Christmas in Spain.

Some more details about our Vegan Tapas Night

The price of the menu is £30/person and you can bring your own drink! However, for technical reasons, we won’t be able to take payments by card so this pop up is cash only. If you like our menu and would like to know more about it, please, stay tuned as we will publish and share some recipes for you to delight your guests over the festive season.

If you would like to come, I strongly suggest you to book your table as soon as possible, as the seats are very limited. Just email me or give a call to 07940540921. We are looking forward to spending that night with you all!

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